Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Back Claying Again - The Littlest Mermaid

I suffered a severe case of clay withdrawal these past two weeks. For those who didn't know it, I've been recovering from an eye injury and consequent surgery. As such, I've been one-eyed and not up to creating my little creatures. :( Today, I was well enough to return to the artist mill and actually get some work going!
Just a shell? No, this is not clay. But it's not just a shell either...
 My eyesight becomes rather blurry and dizzy when I try to focus on tiny details, but that didn't deter me from trying to create something with some seashells I found. Here was the result of my claying today (playing + clay = claying). The seashell is only 3.5 inches long (8.89 cm). It's an original idea as far as I know. I've seen shells with faces sticking out of them from other artists, but never an entire tiny mermaid.
Flip it around and you've found her - my littlest mermaid yet. ^_^

I created this little shell mermaid out of polymer clay. It's hard to tell from the photos, but she is reclining doubled up - her bottom tucked back into the shell. No molds, like usual. Her hair is that horrible viscose stuff that I hate It gets EVERYWHERE! And it doesn't like to stay soft and realistic if you use mousse or water to style it. It was all I had to work with today though and I was impatient to finish her. Her tail is painted with a blend of oil paints and acrylics. Her tail fin is silver plated copper and a mint green film.
Just to give you a better idea of her size. I was discouraged when my eyesight completely lost all focus when painting her eyes! I really hope my eye heals soon! D:


  1. Brilliant! She's so cute!

    Your skills never cease to amaze me!

  2. Thanks. I'm not too happy with her hair and face paint job. I need to get a pair of those magnifying goggles until my eye is better I think. o.x