Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dannon's Dragon

Dannon's Dragon
No one knows better that pet ownership is a such a great responsibility as Dannon, who decided to raise a dragon as his pet. He had enough problems when the dragon burnt his slippers, ate his newspaper and flew right off his leash. But now that the dragon is looking to start a treasure hoard of its very own – starting with the Faery Queen's jewel - Dannon is starting to think about keeping a pet hamster instead.

Well balanced to stand on its own.
Dannon's Dragon is completely hand sculpted without the use of molds. The sculpture started with a glass gemstone which was fashioned into a birch base so that it would stand on its own. The little red dragon was sculpted and cured first using polymer clay, hematite and mica. After that, an armature was created out of steel and aluminum for Dannon's form. The armature was drilled into the birch base and sculpting began with his body. His armor and clothing were also hand sculpted out of clay and a touch of paint and mica powder was added to accentuate the metal of his mail. His hair and hand made wings were added. The whole process took just about a week to complete. 
How can he say no to this face?
I'm bringing Dannon and his ambitious little pet to the NH Renaissance Faire this weekend, along with Alula, Meeka, Willow and a bunch of gnomes! :D