Saturday, April 2, 2011

Green Girl Boxes - without the boxes? Oh dear....

The first polymer creations I started my business with were whimsical takes on the Green Man - my "Green Girls". So called because for a while in the beginning, all my faces looked rather feminine no matter what I tried. These are humanesque faces that I sculpt completely by hand - molds are for wimps! (just kidding, I love all clay artists. Even moldy ones.) Then I cut out and vein tedious little maple, birch and (sometimes) oak and ivy leaves by hand with a little knife and arrange them as I see fit around the face. After the sculpture cures, I paint them to give the illusion of tarnishing copper.

These sculptures are great in shadow boxes to adorn a wall, but more popular are my jewelry type boxes. I started purchasing lovely, affordable wooden boxes with magnetic clasps from a craft supply store back in October. They are the perfect size and great quality for my needs. I stain the boxes, create free hand celtic knotwork on 2 sides and the front with green and gold paint, glaze the box, felt it, and then crown it with an original green girl.

My problem now, is that after all these months, with 2 shops keeping them in stock and at least 2 other shop keepers interested in carrying them, I can't get those perfect blank wooden boxes any more! I used to use larger boxes with base metal clasps before I went to these little magnetic ones. I'd rather not go back to those boxes because I feel the clasp just doesn't match as well as it should. Scallop shell base metal with celtic knots? Eh. But now I'm at a loss of what to do aside take up wood working. Anyone know where I can get a cheap lathe and a few acres of birch?

If there's anything I've learned from this, it's to not rely on a single supplier for what will be a staple item. Now I'll have to find replacement boxes and I'm a little nervous that those who wanted these exact types won't be that happy with them/me.
This was my first box sold online. It's small and hexagon in shape - it was very hard to work with when it came to painting the little knot and felting it inside. I hope I don't have to return to these!


  1. Your boxes are fabulous, and all that work by hand must take a lot of time! I have also learned not to rely on local stores for staple supplies (my clipboards) and instead shop online with great success. I've also found that when one thing doesn't work out, it always leads me to something better. Good luck finding new (and better! ;) boxes!

  2. Thank you. I guess this is just one of those little lessons that everyone figures out eventually on their own. XD

  3. These are really nice (:
    I also browsed your Etsy shop, and I'm loving those steampunk butterflies! Especially the rings, oh man.

    About how big are they? I'm kind of clumsy and nervous about huge rings xD;
    They're beautiful though!

    I think the hexagon box is my favorite as far as your greengirls go (:
    I really love the amount of care and detail you put into your work.

  4. Thanks! ^_^ The butterfly ring is about an inch wide. I wore one for 3 days without issue (and I do a lot of hands on things!). I have to be careful wearing my clay jewelry, though, because my parrots think they look like fruit treats. XD