Tuesday, March 15, 2011

If I can't grow flowers, I'll make 'em! (Or make faeries for them)

I like little ole Milford and the apartment my father and I have lived in for the past 11 years. However, living in a second story flat has its downside.... no garden!! Granted, my balcony looks like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon every summer thanks to my ambitious green thumb, but for years I've dreamed of having my own, real, in the earth garden. I even doodled sketches last year in hopes that I might secure a little plot somewhere. If Milford has a community garden, it's well hidden. I finally put two and two together today when I was drawn yet again to silk flowers in the craft store.

For those who know my work, you know I'm creating an OOAK fantasy flower line ('ooak flower spirit' to be precise). This came about when I fell in love with some awesome blue tiger lilies at Michaels Crafts floral department. With a tag saying 50% off the hefty priced flowers, I bought myself a new inspiration! You may recognize this little gem of a sculpture from my Etsy shop (listing here) or one of the dozen treasuries she's been in. (Thank you etsy curators! You all rock!)

I loved making her and just had to keep going. With another idea planted in my head, I created this next lovely; a fantasy style orchid. I improved a little I think. The only parts of her that are not polymer are her leaves and the terracotta pot she graces. She found a perfect home. :3

I have so many ideas for flowers now that my imagination is like a stuffy greenhouse. Everything from elegant and intricate to comical and cartoonish all stuffed in that little nut I call my mind. Check out my Dandelion ... get it? Dandy-Lion? Ok, so it looks a little more like a puppy in a lion's mane. I plan to keep the idea but rework the face.

Then I drifted back to that darned floral department. I just finished my Captive Mermaid and wanted to get back to practicing my faeries. But another flower! And there's still snow on the ground! Another flower wouldn't be a bad thing, I convinced myself, much influenced by the new 60% off sale (those sales kill me!). I bought a big lavender colored bloom. I'm not sure if it's fashioned after a real flower. It sat in the studio with me for a while and I was torn between using it to create a new flower or making a baby to sleep in it. Well... here's the winning idea. This adorable baby is a lot like my adult faeries - all hand sculpted without the use of molds. The wings are hand made too.
And of course, the big flower was just too soft and inviting not to have a faery baby snuggling on it!


  1. i so want to cuddle in with the baby in the flower... oh so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee i can't even contain my self. and how genius is the dandy lion?! i demand a new sculpture a day!

  2. LOL The only way that would happen is if you learn to sculpt too. I'm working on another faery right now - he'll take a couple more days at least.

  3. Oh oh soooo wonderful..I love the white one the best and the babies are daring!!!

  4. Thanks Sarah! <3 I gave the baby in the flower to a friend for her birthday today.

  5. Oh. My. Goodness. These are adorable and so beautiful! You are amazingly talented!

  6. Awesome! So cute! ;) And thanx for featuring my Etsy treasury....I love your work and I love your blog!

  7. The flower series is so neat, we love the white one that sits in our bedroom :D Hope you bring those to the studio sometime so we can see in person :)