Friday, May 13, 2011

New OOAK faerie! - "Oliver's Snail Mail"

"Oliver's Snail Mail"

Faeries can deliver mail at the speed of magical wings - be sure to specify "air mail" for that service. For all else, there's snail mail. This is Oliver's first job. He's already gotten rather used to the pace.

This art doll sculpture started with a large shell. I'm sure it's some sort of seashell, but it just screamed "garden snail!" to me. I thought about turning the shell into a garden gnome house with a little chimney and a lawn, but I wasn't in love with the idea. It sat on my shelf at the studio collecting dust for at least 2 months before I decided to create the snail that went with it just to see what it would be like with some clay breathing life into it. Once I formed that bizzare little critter, I was on a roll. I saw a mail bag, letters all over the place and a faery fast asleep on the mail bag as he delivered urgent letters. Hence, Oliver was born. ^_^

Oliver will probably go in my Etsy shop later in the week, but for now, you can also view him up close at Riverview Artist Mill if you're in the NH area.

(by the way - Charly, if you read this, I posted my letter to you this way. You should recieve it... soon? heh)

***NOTE: I'm doing a raffle for a wicked sweet handmade faery wing pendant for anyone who comments on my blog this week. See the bottom of my previous post for more details on the contest!****


  1. That is a really awesome sculpture.

  2. Kibblez01235/11/11, 8:06 PM

    definitely one of my favorites... be careful when you post him up on etsy... he may not be there for long... mwahahahahah ^_^

  3. Haa ha haaa - I did wonder about that letter!

    I LOVE this - this is my most bestest piece of your work to date! My love of snails makes me biased - but I can live with that! Such detail!! You are a true artiste!

  4. Testing. A glitch wiped out all my comments and messed with this entry. Sorry to those who lost their comments. I'm not sure what happened.

  5. Oh, they are both adorable. I'm not usually a snail fan, but the snail face is cuuuuute!!

  6. Well something attacked my Oliver's Snail Mail post and has caused issues with running the raffle as smooth as it should be. No third post. Sorry! Japanese characters were put in the tags, all the comments were wiped out and the etsy shop of the week was reverted to the old feature. *huff*

    BUT! The joke's on the glitch because I did write all the names down for the raffle before it happened.

    Congratulations HARMLESS COLOR! I'll send the wing your way this week. ^_^

    Thank you everyone for your comments - even the now nonexistent ones.