Thursday, May 19, 2011

She needs a name - New Painter Faery!

I just finished her today!
click to enlarge
So new that she doesn't even have a name yet (nor does her little creation). I had been working on this cute little fae all week, and had created her painting last week. I was inspired by a little wooden easel I found at the dollar store made for collective plates. It's perfectly faery sized! Plates? Pshh. No thanks. The canvas and the painting are all made of clay. I started by cutting a rectangle out of white clay, then painted on the wet clay with a mixture of liquid polymer and ink. In the center of the painting is a door with stones leading up to it. And as it was the faery's creation, a little magic was in the paints. A tiny (seriously TINY) faery is coming out through the door!
I sculpted her with a needle.

The painter faery (wow... really need to get a name for her!) was really fun because I tried a couple of "new techniques" on her. For one, I had a blast blowing paint through a glass pipe at her to give her a true artist appearance. The splashes and smears are hard to see in the pictures, but she has lots of purple, blue, green, white and silver flecks.

When you stand in paint, you get a little dirty
Another thing I tried was simply dragonfly style wings. Instead of curling long "spokes" for butterfly ribbing, I made long oval loops with blue metallic coated copper and silver spirals inside. Lastly, I had sewed a little beret and created a little matching pair of overalls for her. Because she's not a jointed doll, she was extremely hard to dress (at least for me. I'm really not a seamstress in the slightest!). Making a pair of pants is easy enough, but you can't just slide them on because the legs are rigid. Same with sleeves.


  1. She is wonderful! You are SO talented!! I would smoosh the clay up in a fit of rage. You have SUCH patience and skill. *envy*

    Names wise - I am not full awake yet - so all I have is :- Feycaso (as in Picaso). Lame , huh.

  2. oh my goodness, that fairy is SMALL! i love the size ratios on the painter fairy too. so cute!

  3. I love fairies! Very talented! I'm stopping by from Etsy. :)

  4. I think she's Peri the Painter Fairy. <3