Saturday, June 9, 2012

Midsummer Dream Fair with J.L. Bryan

I'm so excited for my new bag labels! Design courtesy of DigitalDoodlebug on!

I've been so busy with shows every single, smacking weekend that I've not been able to even get pictures of new creations to share! And I'm in the process of collecting furniture and planning for my new brick and mortar shop/studio! I'm so excited!

But I couldn't let the opportunity slip by to promote an almost month long event of which I have a day in the lime light. :)

This is a shout out to the online Midsummer Dream Fair, organized by author J.L. Bryan. It runs every day until June 24th and is filled with daily interviews with authors and other artists - like me! I'm featured on Tuesday, June 11th, so check it out and maybe you'll win something cool!

J.L. Bryan has written quite a few novels including a paranormal horror series, a magic series for younger readers. Check out his website here.

I'll update with new photos from my shows, new creations and whatnot soon!

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