Tuesday, May 22, 2012

NH Renaissance Faire

The Silver Branch table at NH Ren Faire
This past weekend was The Silver Branch's debut at a Ren Faire! And aside a touch of heat exhaustion on Sunday, this little sculptor had a blast! The Faire is held in Kingston, NH and it's site can be found here; www.nhrenfaire.com . The faire is for charity, which is always wonderful. This year, they supported NH Food Bank and First Star Tonight, an organization for terminally ill children and their families in NH. The knights also collected for an animal shelter up in Maine that cares for big cats and much more.
My father and I
 I wanted to share with you some pictures from the faire! My favorite has to be my photogenic sister with the zombie pirates;
Kayla with her real biological parents?
The awesome artist behind all the cool leather masks at the faire. Check out Legendary Leathercrafts at www.legendaryleathercrafts.com (and she has an etsy shop!!). ... and my sister.

This faire patron is sporting one of my Dragon Key Guardians. Love his mail? It's super light because its made entirely of soda tabs!
Rufus the Beggar just before the gypsies steal his sticks and his money. He was hysterical... just don't let him pat your back.
The knights and a few men at arms. At the demonstrations, they really didn't hold back. It was informative and wince-inducing to watch them spar. They're not play actors.

I stopped to breath in the shade and found a harpist! All the musicians at the faire were amazing!
I just love the little girls dancing to all the musicians!

One of the gypsies balancing a scimitar while dancing
TSB's biggest fans drove out an hour to see us! :D HI ISABEL!!!


  1. Ren Faire's always look like so much fun. We don't have nowt like that over here.

    Hope you had a good day xx

  2. What a fun time!!!! Love the pictures... and heyyy, very nice Bodices ;)