Monday, September 3, 2012

Grand Opening and Fan Board Art Contest!

"Meeka" - She sits only 3 inches tall.
I can't even believe it. I just ordered postcards - double sided, color, glossy, real deal that I can't do from my inkjet printer postcards - to announce the grand opening of my new studio and shop! YEEEEEAH! After sculpting, teaching, selling it, winging it and stumbling through learning bookkeeping, taxes and marketing for a whole year and a half, I never thought I'd be in this place so soon.
"Daphnella" - named after a seashell.

So, if you're in the area, you're invited! At the Riverview Artist Mill at 29 Howard Street on November 3rd and 4th (saturday 9-5, sunday 10-4) will be packed with faeries, gnomes, mermaids and more. I will have a table for visitors to try a quick polymer clay sculpting project for themselves, refreshments, a sale and an art contest for the fan board.

Not in the area but want to get in on the fun? The fan board contest/giveaway is for anyone! Read on if you're artsy and so inclined to participate.
Gremlin Pocket Watch - they tell horrible time!

What's the fan board? A cork board in the main hall of the building outside my shop and the bead shop and a few other artist's studios where all visitors and customers can see it - and it's already filling up with drawings from young and old alike all inspired by the fantasy creatures of The Silver Branch. Submit a drawing, painting, photograph, zentangle, poem, origami or anything else that can be tacked to a wall to enter. Everyone gets a little special something for submitting a piece of art to go on the board and a grand prize winner will get a special edition gnome sculpted in a style inspired by your artwork! How cool is that? It's full circle! :) If you're interested in submitting and can't attend in person, contact me for more details on how to submit an entry.

I loved making this mushroom
"Meeka" outside
Anyway! Back to work. :) I just finished "Meeka" (the only faery on the page) and I'm trying to make at least 3 more complex art dolls before the event. (Charly - if they made those little hair curler kits that you have in your arsenal in miniature, I'd totally attempt you next! lol)

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  1. I SO wish I COULD be there in person! I shall be there in spirit though xxx CONGRATULATIONS!